Circle + Bloom Announces First of Its Kind Fertility Deal Site –

Circle + Bloom has launched a deal site that is 100% focused on helping people save money during their family building journey

Circle + Bloom announced today an exciting new deal site that will be focused on bringing discounts, coupons and free offers on fertility products and services.

Susan Cooke, Circle + Bloom’s Co-CEO said, “Hopefully we have made it abundantly clear that we truly care about making a difference for people trying to conceive.  A fertility deal site makes great sense to us as it will help people trying to get pregnant save money while bringing innovative ideas and information regarding fertility.”

Yourfertilitydeals is a subscription-based model; it is free and easy to join.  Once people subscribe they will receive weekly e-mails with offerings on a variety of fertility related products and services.  Fertility vitamins, acupuncture, fertility shopping sites, fertility yoga classes, cook books for fertility, organic products, and of course Circle + Bloom programs are just the start of the list.   People can subscribe at

Merchants interested in promoting discounts, coupons and free offers for their fertility products and services should send a message to Susan Cooke at

Incorporated in 2009, Circle + Bloom is a women-run business seeking to passionately bring mind/body solutions to women’s health and well being. The programs are doctor recommended and have a full money back guarantee. They offer a general health program, along with programs that address specific health issues including fertility, energy, sleep, PCOS and sexual health. They also offer a fertility journey e-book, 28 Ways to Rethink your Fertility in 28 Days, on Amazon. More information can be found at

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  • Beck Martin September 18, 2013, 2:25 pm

    I think this is a great idea! I purchased “Mind and body fertility program” from Circle and Bloom over a year ago at my acupuncturist’s suggestion. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had to seek “western” intervention as my issues were far greater than stress, diet, sleep related (I am a yoga teacher so had those covered). My husband and I now have an amazing baby, Oliver Maxwell, and count our blessings daily. I know circle and bloom was an integral part of my journey and I believe it does help. I thank you for that.
    We are moving- we need a yard for our active 7 month old and our fabulous dog. I am packing up our house, which includes downsizing, and came across this CD set. I priced selling it on amazon, though hate the though of doing that as I know it undermines the value of your product. I’d like to donate it to your cause so that you may start a “lending library” for others in need. Maybe she could rent rather than buy- there would be less waste and more sharing.
    Please contact me if this idea seems interesting to you. I’d be happy to pay for shipping as well for such a great cause.
    Thanks and many many blessings.
    Beck, Jay, Oliver, and Oso the great

  • Joanne October 1, 2013, 12:44 pm

    Hi Beck,

    What a wonderful idea! We do currently offer a financial assistance program, we will give some thought how we can incorporate a lending option within that program.


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