Circle + Bloom Launches New Mind + Body Program To Help Improve Your Health and Well Being

Circle + Bloom announced today the release of a new 21 day mind-body program to lead people to a happy mind and healthy body.

Circle + Bloom has introduced a 21-day audio program, Happy Mind + Healthy Body, that addresses the issues that your automatic thinking can cause on your life, health, well-being and everyday decisions.   This program gives the tools, in an easy to use format, to break free of automatic negative thinking and give you the power to direct your body to health and direct your mind to make the right decisions around lifestyle.

“Our automatic negative thinking happens to all of us without really even being aware of it.   Our automatic thinking kicks into overdrive when we are stressed, or tired, or overwhelmed with life, a time when being in more control would be immensely helpful.  We wanted to show people how easy it is to stop their negative thoughts and take back control of their mind.  Our thoughts directly control and impact our physical manifestation – our cells, our energy, our immunity, our reproductive system, our metabolism, and everything else that falls in-between.  When you take control of those thoughts, you take back control of your health,” said Joanne Verkuilen, Founder and Partner of Circle + Bloom.

The program consists of four different audio sessions, with a bonus program for when you are starting to feel ill and need to focus on your immunity.  It has been documented that new habits form and are established after 21 consecutive days of performing the new habit. Therefore, a 21-day program is the perfect length to help form new beneficial habits and ways to think about your body and your life.

Each daily session is a mix if music and words and is about 15 to 20 minutes in length.  The sessions include:

Week 1: Healthy Choices

In the Healthy Choices session, we will help you take your life goals and establish new habits to make these goals a reality. This will help you make the changes in your life you wish to – whether it is related to your diet, weight-loss, exercise, reducing procrastination, or anything else you would like to have happen in your life.

Week 2: Stress Reduction

Ever wonder how some people thrive in stressful situations? By listening to this program, you will have the ability to do just that. The first step is always being able to recognize stress when it happens, being cognizant of it, and then repeatedly being able to manage it in the best possible way each and every time. Changing our automatic negative thinking does just that – and we can change it just like we change a tape in a recorder, or replacing the hard drive in a computer. It becomes our new second nature and we can remain in control at every moment in the day.

Week 3: Body Cleanse

We have three tools we can use to be at our optimum health at all times: eating well, exercising and enacting the mind-body intelligence that we all possess. We know how to do the first two, but what about effectively using our mind-body intelligence? Studies show dramatic self-healing recoveries from advanced stages of cancer, asthma and blood pressure by using guided imagery or visualization. We have created this tool for everyone to now use, and use effectively for health at all times. We go inside the body with the “mind’s eye” and see every facet of our body being cleansed, rejuvenated, and energized.

Week 4: Positive Thinking / Mindfulness
This last session will allow you to change your life forever. By remaining positive and in the present moment, we can finally be free to be our true selves. We are free to be happy and at peace with our lives no matter what is thrown at us. Like Buddhists teach, enlightenment means the end of suffering. Being happy at all times is within our control.

About Circle + Bloom:
Incorporated in 2009, Circle + Bloom is a women-run business seeking to passionately bring mind/body solutions to women’s health and well being. The programs are doctor recommended and have a full money back guarantee. They offer a general health program, along with programs that address specific health issues including fertility, energy, sleep, PCOS and sexual health. They also offer a fertility journey e-book, 28 Ways to Rethink your Fertility in 28 Days, on Amazon. More information can be found at

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