How Are You Taking Care of You?

I had a chance to attend a panel discussion on Mind-Body medicine. A women’s group I recently joined – which has been very rewarding for me personally – organized it. It was established to bring together women who want to make a difference and connect with others that have this same mindset. The group works very closely with a non-profit private middle school that offers girls the opportunity to get the education they deserve. All of the students attend on scholarships and these girls have inspired me by their dedication, energy and positive attitudes.

This discussion was focused not on the children like they normally are, but about ourselves and how are you taking care of ourselfs? The discussion really did a great job of causing us to pause and reflect on that question. I wanted to share with you the panel’s response to a few questions, with the hope that it will cause you to pause and reflect on how you are treating yourself. As one panelist asked, most of you probably put high-octane gas in your cars, are you putting the lowest octane in you?

What insight on women’s health and wellness have you had over your career?

• Find your passion and act on it. It is all about causing chemical changes in your brain and acting on your passion does just this.
• Find fun and enjoyable ways to manage your stress.
• Get moving – Mobility, Mobility, Mobility (even if it is just a jog to the mail box!)
• Eat Right – Nutrition is so important
• Get a massage. It is proven to cause changes in your body, it gets the blood flowing and helps with flexibility, it is not just a day in the spa, it is beneficial for your health.
• Set fitness goals, but keep them realistic, and go for it. Do not forget to celebrate the small milestones along the way. So many people just celebrate crossing the finish line, but there is so much to celebrate the journey to the finish line.

What one change do you recommend that we should commit to making today?

• Get moving, dance, walk, any movement that pleases you. This helps the biochemistry in your brain, and it releases the endorphins you need.
• Practice preventative medicine, stay on top of your health, do not wait for the illness to come.
• Find time for yourself, think about what they tell you on planes “you must first put the oxygen mask on yourself and then help others”.
• Greet the morning with a five minute stretch
• Do not let the excuse “I do not have time for exercise” get in the way. Do squats when you blow dry your hair, take the stairs, dance while you clean the house, do your kiegle exercises when you are driving in your car.

I hope you take a minute and make a few commitments to yourself – you are worth it!

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