NIAW: National Infertility Awareness Week

This week will mark the first time that Circle + Bloom as a company is officially part of Resolve’s NIAW movement. We are so proud to be part of the Infertility community, seeking to bring awareness, empowerment and mind-body knowledge to you and the 80 million couples around the world struggling with this very physical and emotional challenge.

Resolve has provided a great list: Take Charge: 7 Things You Can Do in 7 Days. I’m especially intrigued with Melissa Ford’s wonderful contribution and idea regarding Project IF in a collaboration with Resolve. The concept is to get you to write about your biggest “what if” in regards to infertility. As Melissa states, “In other words, take out one of the “what ifs” that keep knocking around inside your heart, keeping you awake at night, and allow the larger community to commiserate, empathize and help you carry your burden by reading your words.” Here is the impressive list that as the time of this post had over 360 comments each containing a powerful and insightful “what if” statement. Here is a sampling:

What IF the hole in my heart never goes away?

What IF I never get past the bitterness and jealousy that have resulted from the years of infertility?

What IF I had wanted a family before I was 35, would I have gotten pregnant?

I invite you to join Melissa Ford’s and Resolve’s collaboration and write about your What IFs…for yourself and for others going through what you are as well.

Also, in honor of NIAW, a reminder that we are currently running a contest to giveaway two subscriptions to Conceive Magazine.

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