Mixing It Up

I have a love affair with interior design. Since launching Circle+Bloom, however, I have had no time to dedicate to it except to stumble across a few blogs here and there. Today I came across this image and it really struck a chord deep inside. Here is the image:

What I see is the most beautiful blurring of lines. The old mixed with the new. Seeing our world in new patterns and textures, and the possibilities are limitless.

This pattern of mixing-it-up – I believe is repeating itself everywhere. At a societal level, I see it happening with increased sensitivity and awareness of race (look at the growth and acceptance of multi-racial adoption, for example). On an economic level, old mindsets of working for a living is falling away to the Four Hour Work Week and thinking creatively on how to make a living. From a healthcare perspective, we see professionals embracing mind-body therapies, which are as old as Hippocrates, as the “third leg of the healthcare stool.”

I think it is such an exciting time to be alive. The possibilities of mixing disparate elements to create something new….what do you mix?

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