My Intentions. What are Yours?

Having a list of intentions – or some people like to call affirmations – can be life changing. Here are mine. I would love to hear yours.

We would LOVE for this to be a “wiki” list of intentions. Please add your own in the comments section.

  • I will dare to always be honest with myself and my loved ones about my feelings and aspirations.
  • I deserve everything good in my life now and what I aspire to become.
  • I love my body just as it is.
  • I find patience and perseverance can work hand in hand.
  • I seek to educate myself to empower and find lasting change.
  • I make time for myself on a daily basis to find peace that grows inside and becomes my cornerstone.
  • I can use my mind in incredible ways to find health, balance and improve my fertility.
  • I have time now to reflect on the wonderful events that bloom before me.
  • I learn from my feelings of jealousy and they help me clarify what I truly desire.
  • I treat myself with kid gloves and nurture my spirit on a daily basis.
  • I do things I truly enjoy in life.
  • I forgive myself and others on a continual basis.
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