New Resolutions: Setting The Right Ones

Guest Blog by Anna Dewinter

New Year sparks the traditional process of setting resolutions for the commencing year. It is a great time to do away with past afflictions and attempt to get rid of negative problems in your life, with goal setting help you to establish yourself on a positive path for the years and months ahead. However, setting New Year’s resolutions can be fraught with difficulties as many people do not properly think them through, leading to failed goals and a feeling of negativity. If you want to set some resolutions for the coming year it is important that you do so carefully to ensure that you can meet your goals and have a positive challenge rather than being faced with a daunting task that you’ll never reach.

Some of the most common New Year resolutions for women are to lose weight in various degrees and to give up smoking. Whilst on the surface these seem like easy resolutions to make, the actual process can be much tougher, and it is here that you may often have failed before. Setting a goal just to stop smoking or to lose weight doesn’t have enough detail to actually allow you to reach your goal. Going cold turkey and having your last cigarette on New Year’s Eve for example will not work the majority of times. Instead you should draw out a proper schedule to help you succeed. You might like to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke over several weeks or even months, or perhaps start a course of nicotine patches. Meanwhile, for weight issues don’t set goals, which you just can’t reach. Start out the year positively by joining a gym or getting a personal trainer. Work out a feasible amount to lose week by week rather than a lump sum of weight that you want to get rid of overall.

With the economy still noting turbulence, another New Year’s resolution might be to reduce your spending and try and live by a less expensive means. Again, don’t set unfeasible targets, which you simply can’t make. Instead, look at your finances, work out if certain bills can be cut and try and keep to a budget. Utilise online discount codes to help you save and if you want to pay off credit cards don’t aim for the whole sum; instead break it down into smaller monthly portions so that you can easily see your progress as the months go by.

New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to start the year as long as you actually take some time to think about what they actually mean. Simply making a resolution with no feasible goals and groundwork will give you negative thoughts as you fail to meet your challenge. This is one of the top reasons why people end up failing and falling back into their old habits. But, by carefully setting out achievable goals for the coming months and years, a resolution can put you a positive path to enrich your life.

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