Our Next Product – Insight and Notes, Part 1

Since I wasn’t blogging during the creation of our existing 28-day program, I thought I would spend a little time  documenting how the production process of creating, editing, scripting, recording and then finalizing the auditory programs to create the best possible quality, enjoyment and outcome for our customers.

This program has been a special request by the majority of our previous customers who are now pregnant.  They have a strong desire to continue with a daily relaxation and visualization program to help them continue the enjoyable experience with a baby in their womb.

The first step is getting our hands on everything and anything we can on the physiological changes going on in the body – in this case as it pertains to pregnancy.  We also think that since there are so many enormous changes that happen between the first, second and third trimester, that it is important to do three separate programs as part of our “pregnancy series.” We look at changes in the endocrine system from a hormone perspective, the changes happening in the womb, and of course the changes happening with the embryo growing and developing into a fetus.

This is the step that excites me the most, because as we uncover the layers of what our body is doing, the better we will be able to script a program that optimizes our guided visualization experience.  At this point, we develop an overall script outline as shown below.  We will then discuss our technical conclusions and relative importance and weight of the “themes”  with the various members of our Advisory Board.


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