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The idea for Circle + Bloom was started when I saw first hand how stress seemed to play such an enormous role in my life as well as most of my close friends who struggled with trying to conceive. How many times had I heard that so-so was pregnant after starting the adoption process and stopped “TRYING”?  How many times had I witness numerous close friends struggle with fertility at the same time as seeing their stress and anxiety build and build? How long did I myself go through such a long process of TTC-ing knowing that the depression, stress and anxiety was making everything worse?

Another study on the stress-infertility link was just released by Dr. Alice Domar during the conference of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.  This recent study as well as the one published a few years ago by Dr. Sarah Berga of Emory University in this New York Times article entitled “A Low-Tech Approach to Fertility: Just Relax” has confirmed what I felt true for many years.   Dr. Alice Domar’s study involved IVF and a group that underwent stress management and a group that did not.   The results are interesting in that the first round of IVF, there was no difference in the success rates between the two groups, but the second round there was an astonishing 160% increase in the success rate for those who underwent the stress reduction treatments.

For us at Circle + Bloom, we find the following two points to be of significance:

  • Stress reduction definitely improves your fertility, BUT
  • It may take time in the body’s chemistry to bear fruit.

This goes along with our central tenet regarding the Circle + Bloom program:  this is not a magic potion that will work in the first month.  The more you use it, the more you put yourself into it, the more you WILL get out of it but it takes patience and time.  For some it happens overnight, but for others it make take several months of daily relaxation.  One thing is for sure though, we’re here to help in anyway we can!

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