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I suppose when we get larger and more established our appearance in the news won’t be as thrilling as it is right now.   Just like you take videos of your child when he takes his first steps, this is us journaling our growth as a company.  We are very proud and love the attention!

10/28/2009 conceive_cover“Reduce Stress to Boost IVF Success”

A study conducted by Harvard University and The Domar Center at Boston IVF shows that stress management—the use of cognitive, relaxation, and lifestyle techniques—for women prior to, or during a second IVF cycle, can lead to greater pregnancy rates. In the study, 52 percent of the women who practiced stress management techniques became pregnant, compared to just 20 percent of the women who did not….Many places like Circle+Bloom and Pulling Down the Moon offer relaxation/stress management programs for women trying to conceive.<read more>


10/28/2009 “Excitment, Shock and Fear” by Jennifer Johnson author of Baby Makin(g) Machine Blog and Ready or Not Blog

<read more>…….I did however meditate every day a little to relax my nerves. I listened to Circle+Bloom, and I avoided artificial sweeteners. Oh… I also kept my <read more>


Ms. CEOs on the Move: Successful Women Entrepreneurs Share their Stories

Felicia Joy chats with Joanne Verkuilen, founder and partner of Circle + Bloom (, a unique company that assists women struggling with infertility. In these special “Ms. CEOs on the Move” segments, successful women entrepreneurs share their personal stories and secrets of success so that you can learn a bit, laugh a bit and boost your success too. <listen now>

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  • Didi October 31, 2009, 10:45 am

    After reading about this program on the Conceive blog of Jennifer Johnson, I definitely want to try this product. Since I am a self-professed worrier, I believe I can benefit from Circle + Bloom.

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