Samantha’s Success Story: Pregnant After Being Diagnosed With Endometriosis

Samantha shares with us her exciting news. After being diagnosed with endometriosis with laproscopic surgery scheduled for December 20th, Samantha decided to listen to our Natural Cycle program in October and November. She found out in early December that she conceived and is now 5 weeks pregnant. Congratulations to Samantha!

We are so thrilled to share her letter with you:

Hello Joanne!

I just wanted to share the exciting news! I’m pregnant! After 14 cycles TTC, we were finally able to conceive.

I bought the C+B program and started using it for my October cycle (my 13th cycle since TTC). As soon as I started using it I became aware of a lot of negative feelings I was having regarding a future pregnancy, my body and the whole TTC journey, and was able to work on it so my mind was ready for conception. Later that same month I was scheduled to have a laparoscpy for possible endometriosis. The surgery was scheduled for Dec. 20th.

For the first part of the November cycle I keep on listening to the C+B program, just as you suggested. However, for the luteal phase I decided with my husband to take a well-deserved break form TTC, especially since we thought that for sure we could not get pregnant on our own. We keep baby dancing as instructed by our OBGYN but were not expecting to get pregnant at all.

Thanks to the C+B program I was armed with a positive outlook towards our next steps in the TTC journey and the surgery, and was feeling optimistic – even though I have to admit that form time to time I felt sad and angry even. By Dec. 10th, during a conference call at work, I noticed my period was missing. I did a HPT at my office bathroom and got the surprise of a lifetime, a second pink line! My doctor instructed me to cancel the laparoscopy, since I no longer need it and have been monitoring my pregnancy to make sure everything is in order. So far, so good!

I wanted to thank you because I truly feel that through the C+B program I was able to see my body in a different way and understood that everything with it was normal and that it had what was necessary to conceive. I am now 5 weeks along, and hoping for a healthy and happy pregnancy, so I will be getting the program for a Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery.

Thank you again and Merry Christmas!


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