Simple Mind + Body Exercise

Take a minute to repeat the following sentence three or four times. Make sure each time to make the tone you use a bit more authoritative, and switch it from a sentence you are reading to a command your brain is giving to your body…

“I have the power over my body to bring it back to its natural state of balance.”

Now try to conjure up an image – anything that comes to mind – of what your brain-body connection means to you. This is the super-power that exists within you that connects thoughts and beliefs to your physical self. This image will help strengthen the connection and you will begin to realize that the power is inside.

Some people think of a bridge that connects two land masses, and with the bridge the two areas becoming one. Or the image of your hands moving closer to one another and then the fingers eventually becoming intertwined to the point where you can’t tell one hand from the other. Whatever makes sense to you, this simple act of awareness of our innate powers of healing becomes strengthened.

Think about this image as you go about your day, as they day progresses you should begin to feel a small change, a feeling that your intuition for healing and balancing is increasing and you do have the power to bring calm, and balance to your body just by having your brain take a the lead for a bit.

Proactive control over our own bodies starts today.

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