Thank Your Spine for Holding Your Head On!

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Guest Blog by Jodie Cope, Licensed Acupuncturist and Health Coach

Creating a ritual around body awareness is like a mini vacation for our nervous system. Focusing for even a minute each day on being aware of our bodies can make a huge impact on our health.

The correlation between meditation/prayer and health is undeniable. You can come at it from different directions. There are many styles of meditation and prayer as well. You can get specific with a guided meditation, or simple with just a mantra. The mantra could be one word or phrase. It could be a traditional vedic mantra or it could be something really fun like “My Body Rocks” or perhaps even more specific “my feet are strong and carry me far”. The action of appreciating anything your body provides for you sends an amazing message internally. The main thing is to quiet the mind and focus on the abundance in our lives. Sometimes when we think about prayer we think about praying for something, but really this is not about asking for something, it is about being thankful for all that we have. The act of being aware of and dwelling on our many blessings is like a magnet for good things. The more we recognize what we have the more our body can feel abundant and ready to do more and receive more.

Acupuncture can provide a forced respite as well. Most people find acupuncture to be extremely relaxing. On occasion it can become agitating or the fear of the needles is just too much to bear. In my practice I have found that most people who have an existing meditation practice will find that they can tap into a new level of awareness while on the acupuncture table. Often it can be a sense of floating or expansiveness. The time spent on the table away from the chatter and noise of everyday life can be priceless in our crazy lives. One of the wonderful things about acupuncture is that most of the side effects are good! Often people will come in for one thing and over the following weeks experience amazing side effects, like better sleep, less irritability, and more energy. These may not have been the main goal, but acupuncture has a way of balancing out the body in ways that we may not have been able to put into words.

Yoga has become very popular in the west over the last ten years or so. However, many of us have a very skewed vision about who should do it and what you should look like and be able to do before you start. There are as many ways to practice yoga as there are people on earth. We each bring our own element to the practice no matter the style of yoga we choose to practice. Each body will stretch differently and move differently. One person may have shoulder problems another may have knee problems. There are variations and ways of moving for every body type, condition and mental capacity! Yoga is like moving meditation; it can be vigorous or slow, full of yogic philosophy or simply be poses. Becoming aware and intimate with the way our body moves and feels is an integral step along the pathway towards a healthy future.

It is easy to never try anything new, but I encourage you to try something new today. Take 30 seconds to listen to your breath, stretch and touch your toes or get online and see who does acupuncture in your area. Right now stretch your arms over your head and thank your spine for holding your head on! I bet your body wants more- stretch again! Listen to your body, thank your body, and nourish it mentally and physically. Pay it back for all it does, and it will do its best for you.

jodieJodie Cope inspires women to take control of their lives and overcome fertility issues by achieving optimal emotional and physical wellness — preparing the mind and body to attain and sustain pregnancy. Whether her clients are looking to become healthier for a pregnancy down the road, or have been struggling to conceive, she works with them to develop a plan that suits their needs. Some women choose to focus on a natural pregnancy, while others consider medical interventions such as in vitro fertilization. In either case, Jodie’s programs incorporate a full range of treatments to promote fertility and reduce stress and other barriers to good reproductive health, including acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and lifestyle coaching. Getting people excited about health is always her focus.

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