Three Powerful Steps to Get In Control Over Your Fertility

We all like feeling in control, right? But it’s usually much easier to say “I like being in control” than to actually always be in control. That’s why today I want to share with you three of the most powerful steps you can take to get in control over your fertility.

cb_ebook_iconThese three steps are based on a few of the many tips and exercises we cover in our ebook ‘28 Ways in 28 Days to Re-think Your Fertility’. It’s designed to be a daily companion throughout the month to have one more tool in your fertility toolkit to keep stress at bay and help you stay in control.

These steps aren’t complicated, but they are powerful little tools to put you in the driver’s seat of your fertility.

1. Renew

When you’re dealing with fertility issues it can seem so hard to break from the past. The beginning of our cycle brings with it certain anxieties based on what our bodies have been going through without success.

But the wonderful thing is that each new start is a chance to remake ourselves. Let’s forgive ourselves if we need to – or forgive others – and think of our bodies like a clean slate.

Your body is in the act of cleansing itself, preparing for this month’s journey. Know the wonderful truth that our bodies on a cellular level are constantly renewing themselves.

Repeat after me–I love my body just as it is.

2. Choose wisely

It’s so important to be around people that you trust implicitly and are therefore beneficial to your health. Relationships can be a key contributor to the stress in your life. Choose those people wisely that you trust with your true feelings.

One very beneficial exercise that you can do at anytime is to visualize those people in your life gathering around you. From close friends and family members, everyone in your life is around you.

At this point try to objectively view these people as those that seem to either help or hurt your fertility. If their wish for you runs counter or adds to your levels of stress, then they are hurting your reproductive ability. At this point, simply break that “string” so those people cannot negatively impact you any longer.

For those that give you positive energy and make you feel good about yourself and becoming a mother, you can see that “string” between the two of you become stronger and more energized. It’s an effective subconscious tool to help you better manage the stress in your life.

But always remember that strength and perseverance come from only one place: inside yourself.

3. Be your best objective friend

It’s important during this time to allow for reflection. Seeing yourself somewhat objectively and allowing thoughts and feelings to flow freely. Try not to judge as you ask yourself these questions of reflection.

If you find yourself feeling jealous of other women and their pregnancies, rather than berating yourself, objectively allow yourself to feel those feelings fully and completely. Use it as an opportunity – as a catalyst – to learning more about yourself.

How, when and where do these feelings stem from? Feelings of inadequacy, anger, or resentment? Or that time is running out, and that your life will never be complete?

Try to seek the truth behind these feelings. It may help to keep a journal, or talk with a good friend about them. If you do journal, try to write from the heart. Don’t think, or more importantly judge what or how you are writing…just write.

Now its your turn to take action! Go to the comments section and tell me what helps you to feel in control. Or try out one of the steps above and let me know how it goes. How did it make you feel? What did you learn by doing it?

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