Announcing a new program we are so very proud of!

First of all, I truly hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Mine was somewhat relaxing, but as usual, we tried to pack too much into one weekend! At least the weather seems to have turned to summer temperatures here in North Carolina. It’s beautiful now! 🙂

I wanted to let you know that we just released a new program. Let me be upfront, however, that this is a program for pregnancy, and this may not be something you are interested in hearing about at this point – given all that you may be going through.

But, if you are thinking you might be pregnant, or you are pregnant – well then, a huge congratulations to you! And for those still waiting on your BFP (“big fat positive”) …I know it is a difficult journey but you will get there, my friend.

Let me tell why we are excited about this program.

And it addresses our biggest complaint we get from our customers, which goes something like this:

“How do you leave me hanging like this? I have been listening to a specially designed program for each day of my cycle, and I finally get double lines on my pregnancy test, and I only have ONE program for the first trimester, when I am still feeling as anxious as ever? It’s not enough!”

It’s been clear for a while that our existing pregnancy program just didn’t cut it.

So, after about 4 months of writing, recording, editing and working with a few beta testers (a big thank you to Courtney, Danielle and Taylor!), we are so proud of our newly expanded Program for Healthy Pregnancy.

Our new program helps you address this anxiety with a specially designed program for EACH WEEK of your pregnancy, for the first trimester, and then monthly thereafter.

And you may be also asking yourself, why would I need a Circle+Bloom program for AFTER I am pregnant? Doesn’t my body just go on autopilot?

Absolutely yes…but your mind still may be creating very anxious thoughts during a time when when your body is doing enough to keep up with all the changes happening inside. As we’ve always said, the mind/body connection is very powerful, so to reduce stress and anxious thinking is just as important while you are pregnant to help keep up with your energy levels, feel balanced and in control, and to develop a feeling of connectedness with your baby (or babies!).

And another uber important feature to our program is when you get closer and closer to delivery, we spend a lot of time focusing on visualizing a relatively pain-free delivery where you feel empowered, confident and in control.

Just read some of the feedback we’ve been getting (from Courtney, Taylor and Dianna):

“I do not know how you guys do it; this week’s relaxations and focus corresponded perfectly to week 9. The focus on areas of anxiety and tension and finding your inner energy source was incredible. I am not sure what was causing it however I did find that my energy was stuck on my right side near my abdomen. With this visualization and connection I was able to move this stuck energy and unblock this right away.”

“I LOVE to hear what is happening right now in my baby’s development. It felt so incredible and gave me chills, to hear that the jaws, eyes and ears are forming as well as the heartbeat.”

“After using your Happy Birth program (which is included free!), I can say that I had a close to perfect 4 hour natural drug free labor. Your program gave me the strength and courage to put trust and faith in my body through the birthing process.”

“During the beginning of this segment we are asked to send love to your uterus. I though this focus was absolutely amazing, as soon as I did so I could visualize this love and radiant light beam in my uterus.”


And we are offering a special 35% discount to the first 100 people who download the program.

The code is: PREGNANT35 but it will automatically be disabled when it hits the 100th use.

Here are the finer points:

  • It’s a WEEKLY program (for the first trimester) starting with right after you find out your are pregnant. The program offers fresh new content for each week when you are newly pregnant, when anxiety of something going wrong is at its highest, especially if you have have had recurrent miscarriages or who have been trying for a while to get pregnant
  • After the first trimester, there is a monthly program for the rest of your pregnancy
  • As before, we will include the Happy Birth Program FREE, which focuses specifically on being confident and in control during your birthing process
  • The program is almost five hours in length and can be downloaded, installed on your smart phone (iPhone, etc.) to listen to in privacy and whenever fits into your schedule (just don’t drive a car while you are listening!)

So act now to be one of the first to take advantage of this special pricing, 35% discount for the first 100 downloads – and use the code PREGNANT35 when your purchase the download version of our Program for Healthy Pregnancy.

Did you recently purchase our old version of the pregnancy program and would like to receive our new program? If it was within the last 90 days, just email amy @ and please let us know which email you had used to purchase the pregnancy program and we will send you the free upgrade.

Do you have a friend or family member who is pregnant? Make sure to share this with them so they will be able to take advantage of the discount!

So that’s it! Just wanted to let you know about the new program.

Please let me know if there are any questions at all you might want to email me about. Just comment below and I will try to respond right away.

With love + gratitude,


p.s. The offer is only available for the download version of our program. The CD sets will not be available until about the third week in June.

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