Circle + Bloom Announces The Release Of My Fertility Companion iPad and iPhone App

Circle + Bloom’s iPad and iPhone app article was featured on, August 31, 2011

Circle + Bloom announced today the release of an iPhone and iPad app to help women on their trying to conceive journey.

Andover, MA (I-Newswire) August 31, 2011 – Circle + Bloom has expanded its offering of products to help women who are trying to conceive with the introduction of an iPhone and iPad app. The app for both the iPhone and iPad is free. The app provides an extra bit of encouragement and support throughout a women’s reproductive cycle. It uses positive intentions and thoughts that bring about peace, reduction of stress while prepping the body in the best way one can to conceive. Every day women do have the power to help their bodies to find balance and improve their ability to become pregnant.

“For over two years we have been helping thousands of women to realize their desire to create a family. We have learned a great deal about how to help women focus their thoughts, desires and feelings in a positive way. We have created a collection of these learning’s in an easy to use app, a daily companion for women on their journey,” said Susan Cooke Co-CEO of Circle + Bloom.

The app can be downloaded in iTunes.

Circle + Bloom also offers doctor recommended mind + body audio programs for various women’s health concerns. They have programs that address many health concerns including:

Circle + Bloom’s programs are comprised of audio tracks which use a combination of music and spoken word to bring the listener into a deep relaxed state and unleash a powerful mind-body connection. They are doctor recommended and Circle + Bloom offers a full money back guarantee. The body is not able to distinguish between what is physically happening to it and what the brain is visualizing, therefore the body responds to “instructions” from the brain. Mind-body medicine has been used to help people fight cancer; lower blood presser and address back pain for many years. Circle + Bloom has brought mind-body medicine to women’s health issues, by basing the visualizations, or “instructions”, on what should be occurring medically in the body to address specific health issues.

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