Healthy Eating Does More for Infertility than You May Realize

Guest Blog by Nancy Parker.

fruitsWhen it comes to command of your body, your diet plays a very important role. The adage, “You are what you eat” is true in every sense of the statement. Everything you put into your body is used in order to be as healthy or as unfit as you want. Even fertility can be increased by eating the right kinds of foods. This isn’t saying that eating well will allow you to have triplets, but it will increase your chances of having a baby with your partner.

Proteins – Consuming more lean proteins can help your body develop the necessary components for having a baby. Those rich in omega-3 fatty acids not only improve your physical health, but they can help in ovulation as well as sperm production. In addition, try getting your proteins from alternative sources such as plants. Some of these could include:

  • Virtually any fish, but salmon is the most common
  • Liver
  • Lean Beef
  • Chicken
  • Grass-fed Cow Dairy Products
  • Eggs
  • Wild rice
  • Beans

One way to look at the situation is: the healthier you are, the healthier your baby will become. Don’t over eat the above foods, but make sure you include them in your diet.

Zinc – Foods heavy in zinc have been found to be greatly beneficial to both men and women in order to increase fertility. Foods heavy in this mineral can provide a great boost in the chances of becoming pregnant. Coincidentally, many of these foods are also present for other aspects of health:

  • Seafood: Various seafood are high in zinc, but three ounces of oysters can provide you with more than four times of what you need in a day. However, not all fish are beneficial when trying to conceive. Some fish can be very dangerous when consumed by women who are pregnant or who are trying to conceive due to high levels of mercury. Mercury can stay in your system for up to a year, so steer clear of mercury filled fish.
  • Lean Beef: As well as providing a great source of iron, lean beef can help build your levels of zinc.
  • Spinach: Although it’s healthier for you cooked, raw spinach can provide a great deal of nutritional value.
  • Chocolate: While you may not think it’s healthy, the proper servings of chocolate can provide a great deal of value to a healthy body. Many professionals believe it’s in the top 10 for foods containing zinc.
  • Mushrooms: Adding mushrooms to your meals can increase various aspects of your health. They can be a great source of zinc as well as other minerals and vitamins.

Antioxidants – Increasing your intake of antioxidants can help reduce physical ailments as well as help prepare your body for fertility. Many illnesses can prevent you from conceiving during peak ovulation periods. Eating foods such as berries, oranges, and other fruits will not only help keep you in prime condition, but they can also improve the quality of sperm in order to help fertilization. The more healthy the male is, the more healthy his sperm is. This is especially true for foods that are rich in vitamin C. 

Being overweight can be detrimental to conceiving a child. Eating healthier is a prime component of maintaining a proper weight for yourself as well as helping you conceive a child. Provide an ideal environment for your baby in the womb. Your body will be its home for the next nine months.

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