Mini Christmas Trees, Laughter and Saving Our Sanity

What is it about this time of year that brings out the best and the worst in us? For me, the best has been sharing the undeniable sense of Christmas cheer and spirit, decorating the house, getting the tree, moving “Buddy” every night (our Elf on the Shelf), etc.

The worst in me is this sense of the clock ticking louder and louder with each passing day. I absolutely hate that feeling!

photoLast weekend, it seemed we were running around without a minute to spare, but amongst it all, I was completely overtaken with the strongest creative urge to make these mini-Christmas trees, decorating them for each kid with all of their little trinkets, toys, colorful ribbon and mini lights. It felt like I was throwing caution to the wind in spending time making these as these were NOT on the to-do list.

But it felt SO GOOD.

I think to keep our sanity, let’s remember this important lesson: Find time for yourself. For me at that odd point in time, I needed to create those trees, and I am so happy I did.

Another way to keep our sanity? Why laughter, of course!

So, let me turn the blog over to our fav funny gal in the infertility world, Naomi over at 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility. She is the master at providing funny posts around the holidays for those TTC. So I hope you enjoy and that this puts a smile on your face.

#638 On the First Day of (Infertile) Christmas…

“On the first day of Infertile Christmas, my true love gave to me
male factor infertility.

On the second day of Infertile Christmas, my doctor sent to me
a bill for our failed fertility.

On the third day of Infertile Christmas, my mother said to me,
“Why aren’t you pregnant yet? We have a fertile family tree.

On the fourth day of Infertile Christmas, cousin Sally said to me
She’ll announce her latest pregnancy after dessert and tea.

On the fifth day of Infertile Christmas, Aunt Bess offered her advice
“Just relax and it will happen” was her very helpful vice.

On the sixth day of Infertile Christmas, my period said to me
“I’m showing up on Christmas Day with evilness and glee.

On the seventh day of Infertile Christmas, your little sister sang a tune
she is now three months pregnant from her honeymoon.

On the eighth day of Infertile Christmas, PCOS said to you,
“You won’t see ovulation until 2022.

On the ninth day of Infertile Christmas, my mother said to me
“My friend’s daughter got pregnant after drinking some special tea.

On the tenth day of Infertile Christmas, my fertility nurse said to me
“we’re closed during the holidays but you still owe us a fee.

On the eleventh day of Infertile Christmas, your mother-in-law began to wave
“please make me a grandmother before I’m in the grave.

On the twelfth day of Infertile Christmas, hope said to believe
that one day it will happen and you will conceive.

Whether you celebrate Christmas/Kwanzaa/Chanukah or Festivus, don’t let infertility ruin another holiday for you. You’ve wasted too many tears and too many special moments already. It’s time to celebrate your life right now.”

(If you need more infertile holiday cheer, don’t forget to check out other classic Holiday favorites including: #697 Happy Infertile Christmas… Again and #868 Preparing for the Christmas Hellidays)

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