Pay It Forward Fertility Summer – Challenge Three


August is here and it’s time to issue a new call to action for our Pay It Forward Fertility Summer Challenge. Please continue to help us pay fertility forward by joining in our third challenge and we’ll pay it forward to you!

Here’s how it works:


Your outpouring of support over the course of our first two challenges is an inspiration to us all here at Circle+Bloom. Those who have shared their experiences, advice and testimonials have strengthened and uplifted our community. We ask you to build on this momentum by helping us to build a special community and to keep the dialogue going!

Dates: August 5 – August 22

How YOU Pay it Forward:

Here are the ways you can GROW THE CIRCLE:

1.     Help us to build a special online Circle+Bloom community.

While there are a few wonderful online infertility communities out there, we often find ourselves disappointed in the level of support provided by many of the groups we come across. Sometimes these groups become a negative free-for-all, leaving many members feeling hurt and alone. However, we see great potential in creating an online infertility community that is effectively moderated, provides professional expertise, and focuses on positive action. We would love your help in creating such a space! Please help us to do so by sharing feedback about your experience with online infertility groups and your suggestions for ways that Circle+Bloom can make build the strongest, most supportive online family possible. Whether it be a weekly live Q&A session with me, or guest posts on special topics, we are eager to hear what YOU want so we do this right!

2.     Share as a parent.

Has someone shared a piece of advice with you that greatly impacted your fertility journey or experience as a new parent?  Give back by sharing your knowledge with the Circle+Bloom community. Pass along words of wisdom and support for the conception journey, pregnancy or parenthood via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

As with our other challenges, we understand the sensitive nature of sharing such personal experiences, but feel that it is important to foster an open dialogue around our common bond. If you would like to contribute, but would prefer to do so in a less public way, I encourage you to email me personally at so we can share your experience anonymously.

How WE Pay it Forward:

 All those who give feedback for building our special community, share one of our graphics, or share advice and support through Twitter, Facebook, or email are entered to win our entire line of downloads FREE. Please be sure to tag anything you share on social – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – with #payfertilityforward so we can track your participation!

Every person who pays it forward by growing our circle is eligible to win!

That’s not all.

We want to really make our circle grow so we’ve set a collective goal for our Pay it Forward Fertility Summer Challenge.

If we reach 300 total pay it forward actions throughout the course of the campaign, we’ll continue to Pay it Forward and share a special 20% off discount with all our fans and customers.

We look forward to learning together with you through this new and exciting community experience.

With love + gratitude –


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  • Lesley Alderton August 17, 2014, 10:24 am

    I think there needs to be more support for people that have been on the infertility journey for such a long time to be able to access online group support. For example those like me who have had quite a few failed ivf cycles and are looking for somewhere else to turn and give hope.

  • Joanne September 22, 2014, 9:27 pm

    Hi Lesley,

    Thanks so much for reaching out. We are in the final stages of developing our online community and hope to launch early this fall. We so appreciate the feedback that our Circle+Bloom followers contributed during our Pay it Forward Fertility Summer challenge and have taken all your suggestions and advice into consideration in hopes of creating the most supportive online community possible.

    Warm wishes!

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