Circle+Bloom’s Favorite Summer Reading Blog Posts

Circle+Bloom's Favorite Summer Reading Blog Posts

Summer is in full swing here in North Carolina! The sun is shining and everywhere I look, the world is in full bloom.

There are so many wonderful things to see and do during the summer months, but one of my favorite warm weather pastimes has always been finding a quiet spot in the shade and diving into a great book.

While I love a good novel, I also see my summertime reading sessions as a nice time to learn something new that I can share with you! With this in mind, I picked five of my favorite Circle & Bloom blog posts for your “summer reading.”

These blog posts provide insights and inspiration for every step of your conception journey and provide you with the tools you need to embrace and nurture your mind + body connection. I hope that you enjoy this summer reading and are able to incorporate these teachings into your daily life all year long!

Three Powerful Steps to Get In Control Over Your Fertility
Trying to conceive can be so emotionally taxing that we can feel like we are spinning out of control. But we can take ownership of our fertility by managing stress effectively and quieting our anxious minds. The three tools that I share in this post enable you to do just that, by reflecting on and accepting the things that are out of our hands and embracing the power in the choices that we can make.

Why Does Nutrition Matter?
Good nutrition is essential for healthy bodies, but it is especially important for women who are trying to get pregnant. Striving to have good nutrition in your life is a worthwhile dedication and even if your fertility seems to be unaffected by your diet, there are at least 4 great reasons nutrition still matters for you.

Mind + Body – Simple Mind + Body Exercise
This post describes the process for a simple visualization technique that leaves you feeling calm and with your mind and body in tune. By repeating the mantra “I have the power over my body to bring it back to its natural state of balance,” this basic exercise increases our awareness of innate healing powers within and helps to bring serenity, and balance to your body just by having your brain take a the lead for a bit.

Fitness – The Key to Conception
Summer is a wonderful time to rekindle your love of the outdoors and to get active! Fitness plays a huge role in achieving optimal hormonal balance for women who are trying to conceive, increasing libido, and helps to build core muscle strength to
prepare a woman’s body for the physical strains of pregnancy.

How to Become Open to Life
This guest post by Leo Baubuta of ZenHabits celebrates the concept of “openness” and allowing yourself to experience life fully and completely. With an open heart, we are able to practice acceptance without judgment and to find joy no matter what comes our way.

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