Seeking Advice From a Fertility Coach

As we all know, the “baby-dance” can take us on a very difficult emotional roller-coaster. Talking with family and friends certainly helps, but there is nothing like connecting with someone who truly understands what you are going through. Someone who has been trained with the knowledge – as well as deep personal experience – in the ins and outs of infertility. Not only does it make you feel better, but it is another way to tap into your innate healing ability and mind+body connection.

We are proud to have partnered with Lisa Marsh, from Your Great Life to offer one-on-one counseling sessions to get your questions answered, explore emotions that you may be experiencing, or to simply talk about your history.  A complimentary 30 minute session is included when you purchase our new Complete Fertility Package._JRP0395v1-8

Lisa Marsh specializes in coaching women and men, with ultimate discretion and flexibility, through the challenges associated with fertility and family-building.

Her clients are:
• Women unable to conceive without medical or therapeutic assistance,
• Men who discover the have no sperm count,
• Women and/or couples who have suffered pregnancy loss,
• Women who have lost their fertility through menopause or cancer treatment,
• The single person or same-sex couple, who cannot parent without 3rd-party participation, and many other scenarios.

Lisa gives attention to the whole person. Every facet of your life may be affected by infertility, including your self-esteem, your relationships with spouse/partner, family and friends, your work commitments and financial security. The stress that results comes around full circle to impact as an obstacle to conception. Those obstacles can be internal or external. Internal pressure comes from thoughts, attitudes and feelings, causing you to act or fail to act, such as:
• Shutting down or isolating yourself,
• Fearing to join or feeling left out of conversations or get-togethers with friends that revolve around pregnancy and babies,
• As an infertile man, confusing fertility with masculinity and virility,
• Feeling guilt, fear or jealousy regarding the need for an egg or sperm donor.
• Being fearful of trying to conceive again.
• Feeling too anxious to make necessary decisions about treatment.

Through coaching with Lisa, you can overcome these self-imposed obstacles by learning how to regain clarity and control, build your resilience and commit to a program of mindful self-care.

Lisa can also work with you on the external pressures, such as a small window of opportunity to conceive, the expectations of others, insensitive remarks, your medical treatment and funding treatment. Fertility coaching with Lisa can help alleviate your emotional response to those pressures. You can learn to recognize what, or who, drains your confidence, make decisions based upon your own values rather than someone else’s and where to look for unbiased support.

Lisa’s work as a fertility coach is informed by her own 7-year experience of recurrent miscarriage, secondary infertility, IVF and parenting her two children. She is the coordinator of the North London Miscarriage Support Group on behalf of the Miscarriage Association, a registered charity in England and Wales. Through Your Great Life, Lisa offers not only 1-to-1 sessions by phone and in person, but also group workshops, fertility-related events, support tips and relevant links on Twitter, and fertility-related products that support her coaching.

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