The Courage to Adopt

My dear friend, Stephanie, who has been our source of inspiration – our “muse” – used our program for one full month, got her period and started using the program again the next month.  About 10 days into the following month, however, she was stuck with powerful intuition from her body while using the program. She came to the realization that her body was just not going to cooperate in the near future and become pregnant on its own.  She knew at that moment, that their desire for a third child would only come from adopting (they had used IVF for their second baby, Grace, and she did not want to go through that process again).  She stopped trying almost immediately.

I first thought – “oh well, it didn’t work for her…”  She was the first one to correct me by saying that IT DID WORK.  Her body told her something very important while she listened in a state of deep relaxation and meditation.  Being able to make the adoption decision came much more effortlessly, more organically, as her and her husband realized what they needed to do with clarity and confidence.   She THANKED ME.

We have cousins who are in the latter stages of adopting a little boy, Tyler, from Taiwan.  As of this week (Labor Day), they are in Taiwan bringing him home after many months of waiting.  I honestly can’t imagine the emotions they must be feeling – everything ranging from pure joy to being scared out of their minds.  To say that adoption takes courage is an understatement.

Luckily for us, they have taken the time to document their full experience, starting from the first time they met him, to their current experiences in Taiwan in bringing him home.  It’s a beautiful and very humorous blog! Thank you Sara and Justin for letting us share this with others..

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