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Guest Blog by Vickie Barnes, co-founder of

The journey to parenthood encompasses the full spectrum of emotions. At the start, everything is exciting and hopeful. You are full of dreams of how your future is going to bloom and how you will soon have a brand new baby in your arms. As the journey unfolds, this hopefulness can slowly diminish and be replaced with sadness and frustration if the positive pregnancy test remains elusive. This is what inspired Vickie Barnes to found

About Vickie Barnes and BabyHopes: was a natural progression from a labor of love, literally. In 1996, I moved to England, from New Jersey, to be with my soon-to-be husband, Steve. While living there, we had our daughter, Jennifer. Her labor was amazing and I started a website called The Labor of Love to tell everyone about our home water birth. That website blossomed into a thriving supportive community of people, who were trying to get pregnant or were parents of young children. It became apparent that many people were spending a fortune on ovulation and pregnancy tests month after month. We knew there had to be a more cost-effective alternative. When BabyHopes opened in 2001, we sold low cost, reliable pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. As the years passed, we grew and changed. On the personal front, we moved back to the United States and added two wonderful sons to our family. On the business front, continued to grow and change too, still selling low cost tests, but now also selling many different herbal products that will help you optimize your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

The BabyHopes Philosophy

As online shoppers ourselves, we greatly value good customer service. Sometimes, it is hard to come by in the impersonal world of ecommerce. We like being able to help our customers find the right product for their needs. One husband and wife team called our office many times, over a two week period, asking for clarification about what products would be the most helpful for the wife. They shared their struggle with us, in detail, and, sadly, the fertility doctors had given them no hope of conceiving on their own. They refused to accept that prognosis and came to us, looking for hope and advice. We were able to suggest some natural supplements that would be helpful. The best part of this journey was when they called back, about 2 months later, to thank us for our help because they were able to get pregnant on their own! Businesses typically do not want their customers to go away, but in our case, we would much rather you achieve your dreams then come back month after disheartening month. Our hope is that won’t see you again, until you start trying for baby number two!

Products To Help You Achieve Your Dream

When BabyHopes was first “born”, we were really focusing on providing the high quality, low cost tests. The amazing ladies, on our message board, were spending a fortune on buying ovulation and pregnancy tests at the drug store, month after month. Our focus expanded, over time, to include herbal supplements that helped to increase overall reproductive health. It was at this point that we felt that we were able to really offer value to the couples trying to get pregnant. I have always been a fan of natural approaches to achieving health. Being able to offer this natural option, to the trying to conceive community, fit right in with my life philosophy. Sometimes your reproductive system just needs a bit of a tune up to optimize the hormones that lead to a successful pregnancy. An added benefit of using the herbs is that both women and men can use them. As women, we are a little more tolerant to doctors having access to our private parts. Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.05.10 AMMen are, typically, more resistant to having issues surrounding their family jewels scrutinized. The herbs provide a non-threatening way for them to try and deal with fertility issues they might have with their sperm. The herbs don’t guarantee success, but if you have an imbalance in your system, they are a great first step in correcting that. Provide your body with the hormonal balance it needs in order to get pregnant, and the chances of having that baby increases. We have had many couples come back and say that they finally succeeded in conceiving after trying the herbs, and sometimes, this is after they had doctors, unsuccessfully, involved. We love those types of stories!

Adding A Little Hope to Every Order

We would love to be able to wave a magic baby wand to help our customers reach their goal of getting pregnant. It is heartbreaking to watch the emotional struggle that many have in achieving their dream of holding their newborn baby in their arms. Included in every order is a complimentary packet of baby dust. It is a reminder for you to not lose sight of your dream. We want you to know that we are right there with you and hoping you achieve your dream soon.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.01.06 AMVickie Barnes is the co-founder of, an online retailer of herbal fertility treatments. Based in Morrisville, NC, Vickie and her husband, Steve, work to keep the hope of having a baby alive. In her free time, Vickie spends time with her kids and likes to sneak away and read a good book every now and then. Want to ask Vickie a question? You can find her on twitter, facebook, or send an email.

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