Intentions for Fertility

A few weeks ago, we posted some daily intentions for fertility. Lately, I have taken to writing down my intentions for the day on a simple index card. Whether it relates to my work, my family, my spirituality, or my health, it enables me to distill my focus in one area that stays with me throughout the day. I put my intention on one side of the index card, and then on the other I put my “magic six” for the day – or essentially my to-do list that allows me to fulfill on my intention.

Dr. Rob Kiltz of CNY Fertility, also posts his intentions in a daily video blog, and it is so inspirational. We are proud to have a developing relationship with him and four of his offices in Upstate New York (more on that to come!)

So, we asked Melanie to create this downloadable PDF with the idea that you can clip them into little pieces and take them with you…little reminders and ways to center yourself again.

We hope you like it – and again, please let us know what other intentions that you would add here!

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  • Silvia April 18, 2014, 5:57 pm

    Amen to that!!! I agree 110%!!! I’m tired of not making plans bucaese it could interfere with a cycle. I think it’s awesome that you’re going back to school, & since God seems to have a weird sense of humor, living your life without planning for the baby will probably make it happen when you least expect it!

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