Pay It Forward Fertility Summer – Challenge Four


It’s time for our fourth Pay it Forward Fertility Summer Challenge. Please join us in this final push to pay fertility forward and we will pay it forward to you!

Here’s how it works:


This spring I received a touching and inspirational story from a woman named Ashley. Ashley and her fiancé had been trying to conceive for 2 years. They suffered through an early miscarriage and then became pregnant again in the fall of last year. After their initial loss, Ashley was wrought with worry and fear throughout her first trimester and at week 16, the couple was given heartbreaking news – their seemingly healthy son was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, a fatal genetic disorder. His heart and brain were not able to keep up with the growing demands of his body and he passed a week later. Ashley was induced and able to hold her baby boy Noah to say goodbye.

Ashley was consumed by grief after the devastating loss of her son. Trying to conceive again was the only way that she felt she could move forward. Ashley discovered the Circle+Bloom website and was inspired by the testimonials of women who became pregnant and gave birth to healthy babies, even after traumatic experiences like hers. She stretched her household budget and purchased our programs with the hope that someday, she too would have one of those success stories to share.

Ashley is now in her second trimester of pregnancy and attributes her newfound calm, confidence, and happiness to the support provided by Circle+Bloom’s programs. In her message to me, Ashley said, “I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you designing these programs and making them available to women on so many different paths in their journey to conceive. I truly think your fertility programs are the secret to reviving the hope of women who have been beat down by the negative test month after month.”

Ashley’s story struck me at the core. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our ability to support and nurture women like Ashley along their sometimes-harrowing fertility journeys – but I also felt that I could do more. Ashley inspired me to start “paying it forward” by personally donating $50 to Make a Wish Foundation each time we receive a message like hers. By making these donations, I hope to inspire others to spread joy and gratitude by giving back in whatever ways they can.

Dates: August 26 – September 9

How YOU Pay it Forward:

Here are the ways you can CELEBRATE BREAKTHROUGHS:

  1. Share your breakthrough story with Joanne and the community via social or email. Share how you made a significant change to your outlook on how you think about your family journey or how you experienced success as a result of that shift in perspective. Share on Facebook or Twitter, or email me personally at if you prefer to share your experience anonymously.
  2. We’ll share “Breakthrough” inspirations for you to pass on. Circle+Bloom will be sharing special “Breakthrough” devotions with you over the next few weeks via our social channels. Share a devotion that resonates with you to help inspire others.

How WE Pay it Forward:

For every ‘good news’ message shared, I will donate $50 to the Make a Wish Foundation. All those who share their breakthrough story through Twitter, Facebook,
or email are entered to win our entire line of downloads FREE. Please be sure to tag anything you share on social – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – with #payfertilityforward so we can track your participation!

Every person who pays it forward is eligible to win!

That’s not all.

If we reach 300 total pay it forward actions throughout the course of the campaign, we’ll continue to Pay it Forward and share a special 20% off discount with all our fans and customers.

We are already over halfway to reaching our goal, so please share your breakthrough and success stories to help us make it to 300 pay it forward actions!

With love + gratitude –

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